The Next Generation of Remote-Controlled Robotics

You have now arrived at the next generation of remote-controlled robotics!

Established in 2020, Digikas let you experience the incredible universe of robotics through humanoid remote-controlled robots. We specialize in creating robotic products that reflect speech and walking movements that can be controlled in real-time.

More on Our Humanoid Robot:

Digikas remote-controlled humanoid robot Elbrus Magma (patent pending) can carry stuff, walk, slide, see through a built-in camera, hear through a built-in microphone, speak through a built-in speaker.

It is a true remote-controlled robot with the ability to produce precise arm and finger movements through real-time interaction with your actual movement using our Magic Hand Technology.

Some Highlights:

  • 1 Puppeteer Control System (PCS) controller can trigger a series of movements or produce the movements based on the user’s actual movements in real-time.
  • 2 Built-in audio & visual interface. A camera to live stream what the robot sees to your screen in real-time. A microphone and speaker combination that enables you to relay your own sound and receive audio from locations the robot has visited, all in real-time.
  • 3 Retrospective 1980s style aesthetics.

Our Comic Series

Cinder Wars is calling for you! Join the fight for the right cause. Immerse yourself in the world of remote-controlled robots. Read our comic series and experience the amazing Digikas universe today.

Cinder Wars - helicopter

The Future Is Now

Our robot is a part of the comic book series Cinder Wars and allows direct interaction from the controller. At Digikas, we are working to create a better future, and we want you to experience it through our technology.

Cinder Wars Comic Book