Humanoid Robot Comic Book Series

Cinder Wars

Mayku City is a quiet, civilized city that thrives on economic growth and technological advances led by the scientist Emir Shavikov. When a mysterious visitor emerges from beneath the Earth’s surface, the world is paralyzed by fear and horror. In order to determine this alien life form's ultimate aim after the Great Resurgence, Emir is now tasked with examining it. There is, however, a lot more that is hidden in the impermeable metropolis's shadows.

Even before the Great Resurgence, there was something that roamed among the public and had a dark agenda. Will this new visitor join the valiant Maykins in battling this threat? Or will it be the cause of their great demise?

Cinder Wars Comic Book
Cinder Wars Comic Book

Cinder Wars is a comic series that revolves around the remote-controlled robots Elbrus Magma, Obsidian, Cremson Omega, and others. Experience the immersive story soon from our Kickstarter campaign. Get a real-life experience that resembles the plot of the comic series with our interactive, remote-controlled robots, or you can use your imagination to create a brand-new adventure for Elbrus Magma!

Cinder Wars Comic Book

Dive Into the World of Humanoid Robots

At Digikas, we are passionate about humanoid remote-controlled robots, and we would love to share that passion with you. You can bring the story of Cinder Wars to life with our interactive robots. Whether you are a robot enthusiast or novice, we are confident that this comic series will intrigue you, offering a glimpse of something lurking in the shadows of an advanced city.

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