Remote Controlled Humanoid Robot

At Digikas, we are excited to show you the modern innovation in robotic technology that can give you a new sense of wonder. Whether you are looking for a fun toy or a robotic helper that can show you how far we have come in this technology, we are excited to offer you our new remote-controlled humanoid robot.

With our remote-controlled robot, you can enjoy a memorable experience as you witness first-hand how robotic technology can be enjoyed in our everyday life. We can offer you affordable prices and fast shipping so that you can enjoy your new remote-controlled robot to its fullest potential. Read on to learn more about the functions and history of our robot, and connect with us today to place an order.

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TS-81: Elbrus Magma

Elbrus Magma (patent pending) is a remote-controlled robot that utilises 42 servo motors to create unique robot movements. The team at Digikas went through numerous iterations until they achieved the final version that everyone loves!

The robot is about 70 cm tall and weighs over 12 pounds (5 kg), making it a huge humanoid robot in its class! It features a unique two-way control that utilises the PCS (Puppeteer Control system).

You can either control the robot live with the remote controller, or play pre-saved movements.

Elbrus Magma has a plug and play upgrade system which makes individual upgrades a breeze. Unique capabilities like the EEM (Ear, Eye, Mouth) set, which allows the robot to listen, see, and speak, and Magic Hand, which allows the robot to manipulate each finger in real-time, are included in the upgrades.

Simply insert one upgrade piece into the Controller and one upgrade piece into the head of the robot, and you are good to go!

Elbrus Magma is based on (and star in) the comic books Cinder Wars. The robot has a special ability that enables it to either walk or slide around using wheels attached to its feet. Its height can be adjusted using the same joystick, which is practical if you want it to reach low to the ground and grasp anything.

Cinder Wars Comic Book