Robotic Hobbyist Creating Robotic Products

Tarek Sharkas @FanExpo

Tarek Sharkas has loved radio-controlled helicopters from a very early age. His passion for radio-controlled hobbies extends beyond RC helicopters and cars to humanoid robots. He also enjoys working with 3D printers and 3D design software. He has some computer programming experience, and has designed and created PCBs (printed circuit boards) for our robots.

Tarek was mainly influenced by the 1983 anime series Plawres Sanshiro, which introduced him to robots. It was a Japanese anime film based on a manga series, starring Sanshiro Sugata, a young guy with a tiny pocket robot.

He has always wanted to make something similar since his childhood, so he decided to make his own. In 2020, he established Digikas Corp., along with Digikas Comics and Digikas Toys.

Mahmoud Sharkawi @FanExpo

Mahmoud Sharkawi has a deeply rooted interest in science fiction and technology. The enormous, towering Megazords from the enduring Power Rangers series in the 1990s are some of his earliest inspirations.

He had always been fascinated by the notion of enormous robots clashing with other enormous robots or with aliens. As a result, he is now working with Tarek to publish a unique tale filled with adventure, thrills, and drama.

Mahmoud is a design consultant who brings to the group his imagination and cutting-edge ideas that have influenced the present robotics product range. He has also served as a storyboard consultant and helped with the development of the plot for the Cinder Wars series.